Ivy Stacks

Ivy Stacks is a high-density storage and retrieval facility located one mile west of Alderman Library. It currently holds over one million books and other materials from the University of Virginia’s libraries, all of which are available for checkout through VIRGO.

An expansion of the facility is underway and, by spring 2018, the number of items that can be housed there will double. Additionally, an on-site reading room is being constructed for researchers. Ivy Stacks will also be outfitted with solar panels to reduce its energy footprint. We will be retrieving materials from Ivy Stacks during this construction.

The video below from UVA Magazine demonstrates how requests are filled and how this facility differs from our other libraries.

Ivy Stacks Expansion

Watch Ivy Stacks expansion live. 

Ivy Stacks expansion will occupy the space directly next to the existing Ivy Stacks. Construction, taking place in Fall 2017 and Spring 2018, will double the facility’s capacity.

On December 14-15, 2017, the tilt-up walls to the new facility were installed. Check out photos from this event to see this fascinating process: Album 1 (photographer: Guy Mengel), Album 2 (photographer: Amber Lautigar Reichert), Album 3 (photographer: Dave Griles).

The new Ivy Stacks area will be added directly next to the existing space.

Click image zoom.

A bird's-eye view of a rectangular building with a cleared construction site directly next to it.

Drone view of the construction site, October 2017. Click image to zoom.

Artist's rendering of new grey building with trees.

Artist’s rendering of new building. Click image zoom.

Computer-generated image of grey building with trees.

Artist’s rendering of view from Old Ivy Road. Click image zoom.