About the Alderman Renovation project

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The Rotunda was the site of UVA’s first Library and remains a central point on grounds.

The renovation of Alderman, beginning in 2018, marks the third chapter in the University’s history. The first chapter began when the Rotunda, UVA’s first Library, was built as the center point of grounds—a notable departure from the practice of building universities around religious organizations, which was customary at the time. The second chapter began with the building of Alderman Library in 1937, with shelving for a much larger (and newer) collection of printed information, marking the faculty’s determination that the University of Virginia should become a research institution.

Alderman is still the University’s main library, and its renovation is essential to bringing the Library up to contemporary standards of safety, accessibility, usability, and service. Additionally—and perhaps most importantly—it provides an opportunity for us to create the library for this University’s third century.

View the project timeline and planning documents or read more about the history of this important project.

Renovation Planning Committees

A number of committees will help steer the renovation as it gets underway. These groups are still in development—updated information will be posted here as it becomes available.

If you have ideas, questions, or concerns for any of the committees or teams, please contact Esther Onega, the Library’s Director of Alderman Renovation, at eeb4n@virginia.edu.

The Alderman Renovation Steering Committee provides general guidance for strategy, vision, and University-wide matters regarding the renovation, and committee members acts as needed as consultants/sounding board for the concerns of the Project Working Group.

The Alderman Renovation Project Working Group (PWG) is a subset of the steering committee and is charged with spear-heading leadership and decision-making within the Committee.

The PWG consists of:

  • Richard Minturn (Senior Academic Facility Planner)
  • Constance Warnock (Associate University Architect)
  • Katherine Myer (Senior Project Manager, Facilities Management)
  • Esther Onega (University Library Director of Alderman Renovation)

In addition, the Library has internal teams working on Communication, Collections, and Public Services as they pertain to the renovation.


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